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MOBI.Dengi (MOBI.Деньги) – a multifunctional set of services for paying for goods and services via electronic and mobile payments, as well as for making money transactions.

MOBI.Moneyservice is based on the PayCash payment technologies.

The system start time- 2006.The owner of the system -CJSC "MOBI.Dengi" (Moscow, Russia), partner – CJSC "VTB Asset Management", bank guarantee provider - Bank "Tauride."

Today MOBI.Dengi includes the following services:

MOBI.Dengi –mobile payment system; - mobile deposit by credit card via SMS-messages; Mobile payment. Money transfer (with Unistream and Beeline) –money transfer service;

  • SkyPay (together with SkyLink) –payment communication service in real time via SMS;
  • The payment system allows paying for goods and services from mobile phone account or bank card attached to it. In addition MOBI.Dengi provides money transfers (through UNISTREAM system, LEADER, CONTACT, and a bank card or account). The main advantages of the payment system:

  • No need to open a bank account;

  • No need to download JAVA-application to mobile phone;
  • Quick and easy payment options.

As sources of deposit funds are mobile phone accounts or bank cards, so deposit methods are simple and well known. Transaction fee is up 0 to 5% -it depends on the webstore which gets the goods.

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