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Cryptocurrencies Directory

  • AmericanCoin AmericanCoin Casinos

    AmericanCoin AMC is based on Litecoin and is the most patriotic crypto-currency ever. It has a block reward of 100 coins and will have a total of 168 million coins. This makes it 2 times that of LiteCoin.
  • AndroidsTokens AndroidsTokens Casinos

    AndroidsTokens (ADT) is based of Infinitecoin using scrypt as a proof of work scheme as infiniteCoin is based on Litecoin, so that makes ADT a clone of a clone.
  • AnimeCoin AnimeCoin Casinos

    Animecoin is a cryptocurrency based on modified quark-algorithm. Animecoin was created for worldwide anime community by it's own members. Cryptocoins based on the QUARK mining algorithm, so every anime fan can mine it using only CPU.
  • AntimatterCoin AntimatterCoin Casinos

    AntimatterCoin (ANT) is a peer-to-peer Scrypt-based cryptocurrency. AntimatterCoin is very rare indeed with only 1 million coins to be produced over a ten year period so it is going to be highly collectible and is already being listed on exchanges. There
  • AppCoin AppCoin Casinos

    AppCoin is developed specifically with the mobile marketplace in mind. Fast, secure, and platform and location independent, AppCoin is a perfect payment method for digital purchases like applications and games.
  • ArkHash ArkHash Casinos

    ArkHash is a SHA-256 cryptocurrency that utilises a blockchain database and a peer-to-peer, decentralized networking model that lets you cut out the middleman in performing transactions.
  • AsicCoin AsicCoin Casinos

    AsicCoin launched on Sept. 11, 2013 as a cryptocurrency designed to be mined on a specific type of processor called an ASIC (Application-Specific Integrated Circuit). AsicCoin was inspired by bitcoin and drew sourcecode from bitcoin version 0.8.
  • AtheistCoin AtheistCoin Casinos

    AtheistCoin (ATH) is a peer-to-peer digital currency. Remarkable is the source code: Atheistcoin doesn't inherit the limitations of other digital currencies like Bitcoin because it was based on the Groestl algorithm.