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    Electronic Currency
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Customize your integration settings on Integration > API Configuration page to activate API for your account.


Configuration settings API is disabled until the necessary settings are configured. Use this guide to manage your API settings:

  1. API Methods – select desired API methods to enable them for programmatic use. Non-selected methods will be disabled. Requests to disabled methods will return failure.
  2. Allowed IP addresses – restrict access to the API only from specified IP addresses. You may set a single IP address, comma-delimited list of IP addresses, or subnet masks in CIDR notation to secure API usage. Examples:
    • – allow requests only from this IP address.
    •, – allow requests from addresses and
    • – allow requests from local network 192.168.1.*.
    •, – allow requests from address and network 10.*.*.*.
    • – allow requests from any address.
  3. API Password – set your password to ensure access security. This password will be used among other parameters in every API request. You can change its value whenever you need: type a new secret word in «New password» field and save the form. API Password cannot be empty. Note, that special characters (such as “%”, “^”, etc.) should be escaped if used.



You can also view a request history in API Log table on Integration > API Configuration page. It contains information about country and IP address of each request, its date and time, the requested API method and operation result. If a certain request failes, an appropriate error code is displayed in request details.