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    Electronic Currency
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Exchange market

EveryWallet provides a mighty exchange service. Registered traders may sell and buy currencies, using their EveryWallet accounts to pay or get earned money.


Trade orders

Funds are exchanged within the same transaction. EveryWallet ensures a technical capability to execute these transactions promptly and safely for both trading parties.

All financial movements are performed by handling exchange orders. To trade currencies you have to create an appropriate order in the Exchange market:

  • A trade order can be satisfied fully or partially, depending on the market situation.
  • If you post an order when there are counteroffers with more favorable prices, your order will be completed at the low-cost price.
  • For two orders with the same price primacy belongs to the first added order.
  • A trade order is active until it is entirely completed or cancelled by its owner.
  • There is no way to edit your active order. To post an order with different parameters, you have to cancel your old order and to create a new one.
  • When you create a sell-order, selling funds are credited to your account. When you create a buy-order, paying amount is hold from your account. After order is completed or cancelled, unused money will be returned to your account.


Service fees

EveryWallet charges a fixed fee for exchange performance. This commission is deducted from a received amount, when the trade is over. Exact fee amounts depend on a chosen exchange direction.

Programming interface

We provide an API for developers to get information about the market current situation remotely.