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This guide describes the steps necessary to integrate your webstore with EveryWallet Shopping Cart Interface. You can manage your integration settings on Merchant Processing > Settings page.


Auto-return URLs

Auto-return URLs allow you to redirect a buyer back to your checkout page immediately after the buyer pays an invoice. There are two types of auto-return URLs:

  1. Success URL – link where the buyer goes after payment is successfully made.

  2. Failure URL – link where the buyer goes if payment has failed or cancelled by him.

You can specify these links in «Success URL» and «Failure URL» fields in your Merchant integration settings. There are several items required to be shown on auto-return pages:

  • The page should display a payment result – success or failure. Inform your buyer clearly about the fact, whether his transaction has been accepted or not.

  • As an addition, inform the buyer about payment details, delivery options etc.

  • Note that you should not use auto-return pages for any other purposes except to inform the buyer about payment success or failure. Use SCI callbacks to amend the status of the invoice.


Status callbacks

Your website can track status of each payment made for your webstore using webhook. Specify the link to your callback listener in «Status URL» field in Merchant integration settings. Learn more about how to manage your status notifications in Webhook section.


Secret keys

EveryWallet relies on your secret keys to ensure the security of our services and avoid spoofing SCI requests or notifications. We use special control signatures to prove the authority of every request. The signature is a 32-bit number in hexadecimal notation, formed as a MD5 hash from a string of parameters including the value of the appropriate secret key:

  • Secret key 1 is used to sign SCI requests.

  • Secret key 2 is used to sign SCI Notification data.

Put a random string up to 32 characters long into each field, and use the same values for your website. Those keys must be kept secret to avoid request forgery.


Param Value
AMOUNT Invoice amount in currency of merchant store.
SIGN Control signature. MD5-sum hash from the line «MERCHANT_ID:AMOUNT:MERCHANT_ORDER_ID:secret_word», where secret_word is a value of Secret key 2, specified in Merchant Processing integration settings.
MERCHANT_ID Merchant-ID in EveryWallet. Displayed in Merchant Processing integration settings.
MERCHANT_ORDER_ID Number of an order in your store. You need to ensure the uniqueness of this parameter.
EMAIL Buyer’s e-mail.
CUR_ID Code of e-currency buyer chose to pay with.