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    Electronic Currency
  • Litecoin
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Code generation

You have to transmit several parameters to EveryWallet SCI API to form a payment page. Those parameters contain data about the selling item, its price, details etc.

Here is an example of a typical payment form:

Here is an example of a payment link URL:


HTML variables

Combine variables to create a request matching all your needs.

Param Value
e Buyer’s e-mail.
m Merchant-ID in EveryWallet. Displayed in Merchant Processing integration settings.
a Amount in the currency of your store.
d Number of an order in your store. You need to ensure the uniqueness of this parameter.
s Control signature. MD5 hash from the string «m:a: secret_word:d», where secret_word is a value of Secret key 1, specified in Merchant Processing settings.
t Payment attribute, e.g. product name in a merchant’s store.
p Buyer’s mobile phone number.
b Optional. You can put your parameters here, our server will return them to your Status URL.

Here is the signature-forming function, implemented in PHP:


Control signature function

Control signature function is used to prove the authority of every SCI and callback request. The signature is a 32-bit number in hexadecimal notation, formed as a MD5 hash from a set of parameters represented as a string.

Here are the examples of control signature function, implemented in popular languages.