Electronic Currency
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    Electronic Currency
  • Litecoin
  • Bitcoin
  • USD
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To receive payment notifications set the link in «Status URL» field in your Merchant Processing > Settings section. Select HTTP-method your website requires – GET or POST.


Your website shall return HTTP Status code “200″ on EveryWallet notification requests. Any other status code will identify a delivery error. EveryWallet will try to deliver notifications 7 times according to the delivery process.

Notification delivery

There are 7 attempts to deliver notification to the merchant’s store:

  • first 3 times — one retry per minute

  • then, once per 5 minutes

  • then, once per 10 minutes

  • finally, once per an hour

If your website is still unable to receive the notification, the notification status will be marked as “Error”.


Disable notifications

If Status URL is not specified, no payment notifications will be sent to your website. After you specify the Status URL, notifications will appear right for the next payment.