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How to start

How to integrate your site with

We offer a large collection of tools for integration, which will let you connect your site to the in the matter of minutes.

  • 1 Add Your Site

    So, you’ve opened an account on And you need to integrate the website with our payment platform.

    To do this, go to the Open merchant page and register your website in an appropriate section.

  • 2 Fill Site Profile

    Feel the appeared form with your website details. You can also add new sites directly in the menu of your account.

    To do this, you need to enter in the My Account section first.

3Wait for the Moderation

Then wait for the moderator to activate your site.
It will take several days to verify your site.



5Wait for the Confirmation

Wait for the moderator to confirm activation
of your application to integrate your website.



  • 6 Setup Payment Methods

    Congratulations! Your merchant account has passed moderation. Now, you should apply payment methods, which will be available in your online store. To do this, open Payment tools section.

    Select payment methods you need from the list of payment systems we support. Mark them by pressing buttons — Apply. You should set exchange rates on which you will work in the Currencies section.

  • 7 Merchant Overview

    After submitting the application you will
    be able to monitor your merchant interface
    in the Merchant Overview section.

  • 8 Merchant Setting

    Settings of merchant interface specified
    at registration can be edited in the Merchant Processing section.

  • 9 View all your Orders

    Once connected, you can control the history
    of orders and payments on the Orders page.

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